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Delavska Hranilnica bank with record operating profit

Ljubljana, 11 March (STA) - Delavska Hranilnica, a small bank that is co-owned by trade unions, generated EUR 5.35m in pre-tax profit in 2018, a 20% decrease on 2017, show preliminary results released on the bank's website. EUR 4.6m of the profit stems from regular operations, which is the most for Delavska Hranilnica so far.

Net profit amounted to EUR 4.35m as net interest rose by 1% compared to 2017 and net commissions by 25%.

Total assets increased by 13% to EUR 1.35bn, which gave the bank a 3.5% market share at the end of 2018.

Non-baking sector loans expanded by 10%, which translated into a 2.5% market share. Loans to households were up by 12% and to businesses by 7%.

Deposits by the non-banking sector increased by 14%. The number of accounts with regular income was up by 9,200 to 85,700 and the number of business accounts by 2,700 to 40,200.

According to the Delavska Hranilnica, whose network features 38 branch offices and 63 ATMs, accounts are held at the bank "by 10% of individuals and almost 20% of legal entities".

The bank had 533 shareholders at the end of last year. The majority, 42%, is held by various trade unions, 35% by individuals and 22% by companies.

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