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Cumulative net profit at Slovenian companies up by 15% in 2017

Ljubljana, 16 May (STA) - Slovenian companies obligated to publicly report their business results made EUR 3.62bn in cumulative net profit in 2017, which is a 15% increase compared to the year before, the AJPES public records agency reported on Wednesday. Combined revenue at the companies that employed a total of 481,300 people totalled EUR 93.84bn.

Marjan Širaj, the head of the statistics department at AJPES, said that the Slovenian economy as a whole again had had a good 2017, but that a trend of slowing down had been noticed. Investment drive also slowed down a bit.

As a total, the 66,470 companies that reported their results increased their revenue and costs by 13% each. The total net profit at profitable companies reached EUR 4.59bn, which is a 7% yearly increase, and the total net loss at companies amounted to EUR 963.7m, down from EUR 1.12bn in 2016.

The cumulative net profit, the balance between the total net profit and total net loss, increased by EUR 475m or 15% at the yearly level.

Companies in retail and car maintenance and repair businesses, followed by manufacturing, generated the most in revenue, while as a whole, the companies increased their value added by 8%, and cash flow by 7%.

According to Širaj, small and big companies contributed the most to the cumulative growth of the Slovenian economy. Big companies represent 0.6% of all the companies in the survey and small companies account for 10.7%, while medium-sized companies account for 1.5% and micro companies for 87.2%.

A total of 56,148 sole proprietors generated EUR 4.9bn in revenue, an increase from EUR 4.44bn in 2016, and made EUR 371.6m in net profit, up from EUR 333.3m in 2016.

Sole proprietors generated the most revenue in other activities, followed by retail, car maintenance and repair and manufacturing.

AJPES said that as many as 96.8% of those obliged to file business results with the agency had already done so, which is the most to date.

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