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The best foreign investors in 2020 are Atlantic Droga Kolinska, Belinka Perkemija, TKK and iSystem Labs.

SPIRIT Slovenia public agency has presented this year’s awards to those foreign investors who have contributed the most to the development of the Slovenian economy in 2020. At the official award ceremony, which, like most events in recent months, took place virtually. Four companies received the FDI Award Slovenia 2020: Ljubljana-based company Atlantic Droga Kolinska was awarded in the 'important employer' category.

The company Belinka Perkemija from Črnuče won in the 'green' category, the company TKK from Posoška Srpenica in the 'creative' category and the company iSystem Labs based in Trzin in the 'smart' category. "Awards are given to the most successful companies with foreign capital, which expand their business and the number of employees in Slovenia and promote creative, innovative and smart solutions. The awards show gratitude to foreign owners, Slovenian employees, as well as their suppliers and customers, who are the basic building blocks of their success, " said Tomaž Kostanjevec, SPIRIT Slovenia’s acting director. The main topic of this year's awards was innovation, or the importance of the culture of innovation for the development of the company, and the expert commission awarded the awards for the fifteenth year in a row.

In order to compete for the FDI Award Slovenia 2020, companies had to have at least 10% foreign ownership in the previous year, value added per employee had to be above the Slovenian average, the company had to operate at a profit and have at least 10 employees. In addition, it had to have settled its obligations to FURS, and at the same time it was not allowed to be among the previous winners of the FDI Award Slovenia.

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