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Time to announce the winners of FDI Award Slovenia 2019

SPIRIT Slovenia public agency has again this year awarded the best foreign investors, who have produced exceptional results in the past year and contributed to the development of the Slovenian economy.

Iskraemeco, d. d., from Kranj - the recipient of the award in the large company category

The company, whose history dates back to 1954, joined forces with the Egyptian company Elsewedy Electric in 2007. The vision for a smarter and more energy-efficient future is the driving force that has connected both companies to energy sector. By joining with the Elsewedy Group, Iskraemeco has gained a valuable business partner and new opportunities for growth and development. In 2018, the company generated EUR 126m in net sales revenue, which is 19% more than in the previous year, with a net profit of EUR 8.8m. The company had 732 employees last year, and value added per employee exceeded EUR 48,000 in 2018. Iskraemeco, which sells its products worldwide, has a B1 ++ credit rating and no tax liabilities. The company introduces sustainability principles in the production and supply of smart meters, aiming to ensure a longer use of resources and maximize the benefits they bring, and to ensure the return and restoration of materials and products at the end of their life. The business processes of the company are designed to minimize their environmental impact in terms of waste, sewage and air emissions.

Systemair, d. o. o. from Maribor - the recipient of the award in the long-term presence in the region category

The company is part of the Swedish group Systemair AB, based in Skinnskatteberg, which is one of the leading companies for ventilation technology and has 50 subsidies worldwide. The Slovenian company has more than 35 years of tradition of fan development and production, manufacturing high quality fans for smoke and heat extraction. The plant in Maribor also expanded in 2016 to develop and manufacture modular air conditioners. At the end of 2018, the company employed 111 people. Last year, net sales revenues amounted to EUR 19.7m, net profit amounted to almost EUR 1.4m, and value added per employee amounted to EUR 54,000. The company, which has an A1 ++ credit rating and no tax liabilities, generates about half of its net sales revenue in foreign markets, exports to all neighboring countries, to the markets of SE Europe, Russia and also to Sweden. It  develops energy-efficient products and strive to improve their processes in all areas, most notably in the areas of energy consumption, a safe working environment and fair working conditions.

Swarco Lea, d. o. o. from Lesc - the recipient of the Smart product and service development award

The company is part of the Swarco Group based in Wattens, Austria, which employs more than 3,700 people in 25 countries, and their products and solutions serve customers in 70 countries worldwide. Swarco Lea specializes in developing and manufacturing LED displays for traffic systems. In 2006, a company called Lea Lece was recognized as a gazelle of the Gorenjska region. Two years later, Austrian Swarco Group became the company's 100% owner within which it became one of the fastest growing and successful businesses in the group. The Lesc company generated total revenues of EUR 7.7m in 2018, with a net profit of almost EUR 1.1m. The company had 31 full-time employees last year, with value added per employee amounting to just over EUR 75,000. It has no tax liabilities and a high credit rating of A1 ++. Swarco Lea exports 90% of its products and services, mainly to Germany, Austria, the Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, and some projects have been implemented outside Europe. Thanks to the internal R&D department, the company is constantly following trends, developing its technology and preparing products for future integration into smart mobility. Their products are also distinguished by their long life service and reliability even in the most severe climatic conditions.

Ajda Cuderman, Director of Spirit Slovenia, greeted the audience: “Presenting the awards to the best foreign investors in Slovenia is one of the most important business events in our country. Existing foreign investors are extremely important for Slovenia as they bring excellence, advanced technologies and rich experience. That is why our agency and the entire country wish to promote successful foreign investors as positive examples in Slovenian business environment who have a positive impact on our environment. In addition, back in trheir own countries they are great ambassadors for Slovenia's strengths, such as our know-how, high efficiency and reliability. "



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