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SPIRIT Slovenia as a response to evolving market conditions and advances in technology

Slovenian Government recognises the need for the provision of more coordinated, transparent and targeted support for the Slovenian economy

In line with commitment to strengthen entrepreneurship, innovation and commercialisation capacity across the board, the Slovenian Government has laid the cornerstone for a new public agency created by combining the resources of three public institutions. The structure of the new entity - Public Agency for Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Development, Investment and Tourism or SPIRIT Slovenija in short – is built on three “pillars”: the Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investments, the Slovenian Tourist Organisation and the Slovenian Technology Agency.

The mandate of the new public agency is to make the Slovenian economy more competitive by a number of measures: attracting foreign investment, raising the levels of R&D and innovation, developing entrepreneurship and business skills required to successfully start, sustain or grow a business, increasing export-readiness and taking the country’s hospitality industry to a new level. As the Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investments or JAPTI is integrated into the new agency, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) continues to play a significant role in diversifying and strengthening economic development, infrastructure and building the industrial critical mass required to successfully compete in a global economy.

Raising Slovenia’s profile in the international investment community will remain an integral part of the Agency’s strategy focused on promoting Slovenia as an attractive investment location and a profitable place in which to do business. Trade and investment missions, media campaigns, direct marketing, speaking engagements for regional industry leaders, marketing materials, investment website marketing, participation via trade booths for investment prospecting purposes at key industry events, hosting study tours and outreach events organised by Slovenian embassies, trade missions and business clubs in target countries are expected to get new impetus thanks to the synergies of this new “super” Agency.

SPIRIT Slovenia will operate within the framework of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology. Its work will be supervised by a council and it will be run by a director. All necessary decisions and internal acts will be passed in 2013.


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