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Slovenian satellites test innovative solutions and technology

In early September French rocket Vega launched the first Slovenian satellites, Nemo HD and Trisat, into orbit.

NEMO-HD, weighing 65 kilograms, belongs in the category of microsatellites. It will explore a new Earth observation concept by combining interactive real-time video streaming and multispectral imaging at 2.8 m ground resolution. The satellite will be operated by the Slovenian Centre of Excellence for Space Sciences and Technologies SPACE-SI and was developed in collaboration with the Space Flight Laboratory from University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies.University of Maribor’s satellite Trisat launched with the same rocket weighs only 5 kilos. The nanosatellite is based on a highly miniaturized nanoscale platform from Slovenian company SkyLabs. Trisat, on one side, aims to test the latest trends in miniaturization, and on the other, provides affordable Earth observation in up to 20 non-overlapping bands within the short-wave Infrared spectrum.


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