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Slovenia gains two places on global competitiveness list

This year, Slovenia ranked 35th among 63 countries on the competitiveness list compiled by the Swiss IMD Institute - two places higher than last year.

Slovenia gains two places on global competitiveness list

In the survey, largely based on statistics from last and previous years and partly on a survey of managers in March and April this year, Slovenia ranked 36th in terms of economic performance (33rd last year) and 38th in terms of government efficiency (39thlast year), in terms of business efficiency it was in 39th place (last year 40th) and in terms of infrastructure it ranked 29th (last year 27th).

In terms of economic performance, Slovenia performed well in 2018, when it had excellent export results and faster economic growth, but slipped last and this year, among other things due to a slowdown in economic growth and decline in international investment, Sonja Uršič from the Institute for Economic Research said at the press conference in Ljubljana. 

In terms of government efficiency, the institutional framework has improved compared to other countries, while in terms of public finances the ranking is worse than last year, which is due to the improvement in other countries and not to the deterioration at home. In the survey, managers gave a poorer assessment of, among other things, the legislative framework regarding social security contributions, unemployment and work, labour taxation and the management of state-owned enterprises. 

In terms of business efficiency, Slovenia has improved its position in terms of finances the most. Slovenia ranks relatively high, among other things, in terms of the share of women among managers, the efficiency of small and medium-sized enterprises and employee training, while survey ratings are low in terms of apprenticeships, the effectiveness of supervisory boards and the perception of managers' credibility.


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