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Slovenia best for R&D investments

According to an annual survey among German investors in central and Eastern Europe, Slovenia is the most attractive location for research and development investments in the region. Overall, German investors place Slovenia as the fifth most attractive country in Central and Eastern Europe.

Slovenia best for R&D investments

Of the surveyed companies, 96% perceive Slovenia as an interesting investment destination. The survey has been performed regularly in 16 countries of the region since 2006 and this is the highest percentage of positive answers so far. 

German investors value the high level of political stability in Slovenia, excellent infrastructure, high level of legal security and transparent public bids. The surveyed companies have a high opinion of the local suppliers and the quality of the work force. As mentioned, they consider  conditions for R&D in Slovenia as the best in the region. They perceive the rigid labor legislation, high taxes and availability of mid-level skilled workers as less advantageous, however. Investors also see a high level of motivation and productivity in the local workforce. In this respect Slovenia keeps the top position in the region.

Most of the surveyed companies plan to increase their investments in Slovenia. The total value of the planned investments from these companies are on track to reach 557 million euros in the next few years. The total value of German investments in Slovenia exceeds 1.86 billion euros – if we look at the ultimate investment countries. The official figures considering only investments coming directly from Germany are much lower – slightly above 1 billion. Many of the German investments to Slovenia are namely carried out through Austrian subsidiaries. The total value of the trade between Slovenia and Germany reached 11.8 billion euros in 2018.


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