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Ljubljanske Mlekarne wins factory of the year award

This year's factory of the year award, given out by the Slovenian daily Finance, was won by Ljubljanske Mlekarne (Ljubljana Dairy company).

The company was selected for their technological advancements, care for the environment and good working conditions. Ljubljanske Mlekarne was picked amongst 11 Slovenian companies.

“We chose this company because it is technologically advanced and operates in accordance with industry 4.0 principles. Algorithmic monitoring and production forecasting allows the company to make 485 different products every week," said Anton Papež, chairman of the expert jury that selected this year's winner, whose comments were quoted in Finance.

In a speech during the ceremony, Tomaž Žnidarič, director of the Ljubljanske Mlekarne, emphasised the importance of technology in the food industry.

»Technology is very important in the food industry. But this does not mean the food we make is not homemade. No, technology guarantees us that (the food) is safe and sound and that we always deliver the same quality using raw materials that are a living product. Let me illustrate using the example of Alpian milk. From the moment it is milked to the time a customer opens the carton, the milk is not exposed to the light. To achieve this and reproducible quality in all other products, we operate in line with Industry 4.0 standards. Our quality is, after all, confirmed by our results, as we are successfully increasing sales and operating in more than 40 markets worldwide," Žnidarič concludes as reported by Finance.

Ljubljanske Mlekarne is the largest dairy producer in Slovenia, processing over 210 million liters of milk a year. Its majority owner is the French group Lactalis.



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