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Leasing of Hotels and Hospitality Premises - Public Invitation for Expression of Interest

Leasing of Hotels and Hospitality Premises of HETA Asset Resolution in Slovenia

Public Invitation for Expression of Interest

As the owner of the following real estate: ALP Hotel in Bovec, Hotel Zvezda and Hotel Diana in Murska Sobota, Hotel Veter in Ruše, Penzion Oblak in Moravske toplice, and Gostišče Miran in Dramlje HETA Asset Resolution d.o.o. is planning on leasing out the abovementioned hotels and hospitality premises in accordance with an open, transparent and non-discriminatory process.  The fundamental information about individual pieces of real estate can be found at, where you can also apply for a tour of a certain premise.

The Expressions of Interest for Participation in the Renting Process of a Certain Piece of Real Estate have to be submitted below, whereas a presentation of the business plan has to be submitted to the stated contact by 15 November 2014 12:00pm noon (CET).

The owner reserves the right to extend the deadline for the submission of the Expression of Interest or to alter any other process deadlines in the process of leasing the real estate and/or to stop the process altogether or partially at any time in accordance with the principles of an open, transparent, unlimited, and non-discriminatory process. The only criteria in the selection of the lessee will be the submission of the highest tender and the best business plan from the economic point of view.

The Expressions of Interest shall be submitted in writing in Slovenian and English, and they also shall state the name and address of the party expressing their interest. Expressions of Interest on behalf of third parties (agents, counsellors) will be taken into consideration if submitted in writing with a relevant proof of agency. Expressions of Interest must state the names of the people responsible in case of any questions. After receiving the Expressions of Interest and signing the Non-Disclosure Agreement by the interested lessees, they will receive further information about the leasing process from HETA Asset Resolution d.o.o.

Contact information:Mario LukićSenior Sales Manager for Real Estate Asset

HETA Asset Resolution d.o.o.Dunajska cesta 167, SI-1000 LjubljanaEmail:


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