Ten best Slovenian innovations of 2017

The Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry traditionally awards the best innovation of the year. These are the ten recipients of last year’s Golden Award.

Ten best Slovenian innovations of 2017

Aereform flight simulator employs VR goggles and can be used in basic aircraft piloting instruction and training. Aereform is a start-up company from Zagorje (see the article on Katapult startup incubator). German BSH (Bosch Siemens) Home Appliances group has an R&D center in Nazarje: its optiMUM smart universal kitchen appliance has already received a couple of international design awards – and also a Golden Award for the innovation. Cetis has developed a new generation of bound polycarbonate data pages for use in biometric passports. Danfoss Trata, a Slovenian subsidiary of a Danish group, developed Smart Hydronic Actuator for HVAC systems – a solution which delivers large energy savings in heating and cooling systems. Elan's foldable touring skis are not only used by sport-skiers, but also by special alpine military units. ETI Izlake improved the manufacture of thermostatic elements. Gorenje's new generation of dishwashers SmartFlex consume 10 percent less energy than required by the highest A+++ energy efficiency grade. Iskra Emeco's smart electricity meter platform enables the seamless integration in the context of the smart grid. Krka pharmaceutical company optimized the production process of its Candesartan Cilextil active ingredient by replacing the ecologically problematic compounds with more acceptable ones. Ledinek Engineering, a manufacturer of sophisticated wood processing technology, developed a new solution used in high performance industrial planning: a »system of active floatation planning with continuous symmetrical distribution of left and right decrease«. Lek, a Slovenian company within the Novartis group, developed a child friendly antibiotic for the treatment of bacterial infections. SIJ Acroni's new group of stainless steels are intended for the usage in most demanding environments. 

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