Poland: Slovenia's sixth largest trading partner

Poland: Slovenia's sixth largest trading partner

Despite many cultural similarities, languages belonging to the Slavic group and some common history, there was not much business between Poland and Slovenia in the last century. But that changed after both countries entered the European Union in 2004. Trade began to grow rapidly. Poland is now the 6th largest Slovenian export market. The total volume of trade between the countries exceeded 1.6 billion euros in 2017 and continues to grow this year.

The largest Slovenian company in Poland is the generic drug producer Krka: its Polish plant employs over 900 people. Poland is one of Krka’s key markets: Krka is 6th largest player on Poland’s generic drug market with sales reaching 75 million euros in the first half of 2018. Two other Slovenian pharmaceutical companies also invest in Poland: Lek and Sensilab. Ten years ago, Sensilab took over Polfa Łódź and invested 15 million in a new factory. ETI Polam, a company owned by leading global electrical protection devices manufacturer ETI, has received a Polish Gazelle award for the fourth consecutive year.

Recently Polish companies have also begun to invest more ambitiously in Slovenia. Trimo, one of the leading European prefabricated metal building manufacturers, was bought by Warsaw based private equity fund Innova in 2015. A year later aluminum components maker Aha Emmi became part of Poland's Kety Group.  Airplane maintenance company AA Tehnika was acquired by the quickly growing Linetech. The majority of Optotek Medical, a developer of medical laser systems, is owned by Canon Polska.

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