Best fast growing companies 2016

This year's winner of the Slovenian Golden Gazelle Award for best fast growing company is NiceLabel Euro Plus, a leading global provider of label and marking productivity solutions. The fastest growth rate since 2010 has been recorded by Vobenca, whose sales grew by a staggering 2,400 percent in five years.

Never heard of NiceLabel? It’s a small company with a mere 7.7 million euros in annual sales. Nevertheless, there is a fair chance that your company uses NiceLabel's software; it’s shipped by the world's leading printer manufacturers and used by, amongst others, most Fortune 500 companies. It is the world's leading developer of Microsoft Windows drivers for thermal and direct marking printer technologies. The company is headquartered in Šenčur near Kranj and close to Ljubljana's airport. It has offices in Germany, the USA, Singapore and China. Early this year, NiceLabel joined London Stock Exchange’s ELITE program.

The company was a finalist for the Slovenian Golden Gazelle Award in 2015 and, as with most of last year's winners, also made the finals in 2016. The two newcomers are REM and Orodjarstvo Gorjak. Orodjarstvo Gorjak started operations back in 1980: the company develops and produces high end tools for the automotive and other industries. In the last five years, the company managed to increase its revenue by 228 percent. REM develops prefabricated modular buildings. The manufacturer of sanitary and living containers increasingly focuses on project engineering and the assembly of more complex, modular prefabricated buildings. 

REM grew by 150 percent in five years. NiceLabel Euro Plus increased sales in the previous period by 141 percent: a modest rate of growth by Gazelle standards. Yet, the jury awards the best fast growing companies, not necessarily the fastest growing. The fastest growth rate since 2010 has been recorded by Vobenca, whose sales grew by a staggering 2,400 percent in five years. Vobenca has become one of the leading Slovenian companies in terms of timber procurement, and sells wood all over the globe. As with Vobenca, most of the fastest growing companies in Slovenia operate in traditional industries, such as construction, trade and transportation services. Their success based mostly on the careful selection of a local niche. One of the few exceptions is the P&P Group. The company develops sophisticated telemetry technologies and grew by 1,800 percent in five years.

The best Slovenian fast growing companies have been awarded the Slovenian Golden Gazelle title since 2001. The project was started by the Gospodarski vestnik business weekly and evolved, within a few years, to be Slovenia's largest business event of its kind, in itself a gazelle. The recent Gazelle project has been organised by Dnevnik, Slovenia's second largest daily. The awards ceremony took place in Ljubljana in October. 

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