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  • Revival of an old friendship

    Strong political, cultural, and business ties between Czechs and Slovenians were cut off in the second half of the 20th century. Nowadays trade and investment flow is showing strong signs of growth once again.

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  • Health of a nation

    The latest Global Health Security Index placed Slovenia among the 13 nations best prepared for the epidemic. TrulySlovenia came out of the coronavirus crisis with a low number of victims and with an economy which could almost fully recover by the end of 2021.

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  • Dough in the oven

    In the last two decades Slovenian bakery has been building its international presence by focusing on healthy products, quality, and innovation.

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  • Slovenia’s smartest town

    Idrija is a small town with rich industrial heritage, a home of two globally leading tech companies and a pioneer in adopting the smart city technologies

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  • SID Bank: the best development bank in the region

    Slovenia’s SID Bank won the award for the Best Regional Development Bank – Southeastern Europe 2019, given out by Capital Finance International magazine in early March.

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  • The succesful revival of Murska Sobota

    Murska Sobota is the center of the Pomurje region in Northeastern Slovenia, the least developed part of Slovenia and the region that was hit the hardest by the financial crisis a decade ago. The region’s economy has since recuperated, and Pomurje could well be described as one of the more bustling parts of Slovenia.

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  • Could CETA agreement open a new chapter in trade with Canada?

    Trade has increased by 25 percent after the trade agreement was signed between the EU and Canada. The largest greenfield investment in Slovenia recently has come from a Canadian company, while Slovenian companies also look to Canadian markets.

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  • Making things better

    Engineering is an essential factor for economic growth, influencing industry as well as services. The first global survey of engineering evaluates six different areas and puts Slovenia in 12th place for strength and sophistication of the engineering industry.

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  • Towards Industry 4.0

    How far is Slovenian economy in adopting Industry 4.0 technologies and processes?

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  • TOP 300: The largest Slovenian companies

    The top Slovenian companies in 2018 in a nutshell: favorable economic conditions, continuing growth of exports and overall favorable results.

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