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TKK doing well and even hiring despite pandemic

Bovec, 15 November (STA) - TKK, the Srpenica-based producer of chemical products for the construction industry, has been doing well despite the pandemic and is even hiring. According to CEO Uroš Lozar, the construction sector has not been strongly affected by the pandemic, and TKK's orders are stable. The company plans some major investments.

The producer of sealants, glues, polyurethane foams, technical sprays and additives to concrete, expects to see a 4% rise in sales revenue at the end of the year. This is slightly below plans, which were based on expansion to new markets and launching of new products.

The company, owned by Belgian multinational Soudal Holding, exports as much as 90% of its products to more than 70 countries.

Lozar said the company had been somewhat affected by the epidemic through its buyers, but luckily not all countries had been affected at the same time.

"At the moment, we are noticing the situation has significantly improved in North Africa, the Middle East, both Americas, but we are also detecting first signals of caution from our buyers in Europe. We have more than enough orders until the end of the year," he said.

The company plans to hire 22 new employees by the end of the year to put the total number of staff at 275. In recent weeks, TKK hired 15 new people.

Investments too will continue with a view to increasing output. In 2020 and 2021, more than EUR 7.5 million will be invested in new technologies, machines and renovation of the company's buildings.

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