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Take-Home Pay Flat Y/Y in Real Terms

Ljubljana, 17 March (STA) - Monthly take-home pay in Slovenia averaged EUR 1,005.75 in January, which is level with the same month the year before in real terms and 0.4% more than in December, official statistics show.

Nominally, net earnings in January were down 0.2% on the month before and up 0.8% year-on-year, fresh data from the Statistics Office show.

Average gross pay for January totalled EUR 1,534.54, 0.7% lower than that paid out for December and as much higher than the average gross earnings for January 2013.

More detailed statistics for January net earnings show these went up the most in mining and quarrying, up 3.1% on the month before, manufacturing and administrative and support service activities (+1.9%).

The biggest fall on the month before was observed in electricity, gas and steam supply industries (-5.4%), followed by information and communication activities, real estate and agriculture, forestry, hunting and fisheries (down by about 5%).

Employees in Eastern Slovenia earned roughly EUR 100 less than their counterparts in the Western cohesion region.

Take-home pay in the public sector decreased by 0.4% and private sector employees earned 0.1% less in January than in December, while government employees earned 0.3% more.

Considering the payment of a part of previously agreed pay rises in the public sector, average gross earnings for January totalled EUR 1,598.59, 4.2% higher that the official average gross pay.

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