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Survey: Over 60% of Slovenians use social media

Ljubljana, 10 January (STA) - As many as 82% of Slovenian residents aged 16 to 74 have their profile on at least one social media, which translates into 1.25 million people, or some 60% of Slovenia's two-million population, shows the latest Media+ survey for 2019 by pollster Valicon.

The most popular platform is Facebook, which had 995,500 users last year, followed by Instagram (450,500), Twitter (208,500), Pinterest (180,500) and Linkedin (161,000).

Facebook was daily used by almost 800,000 residents and Instagram by nearly 300,000. Twitter was far behind on third place with only 52,000 daily users.

All social media were on the rise, with Instagram gaining new users the fastest - in 2018 it had 397,000 users, more than double the 2016 figure.

In 2019, the number of Facebook and Twitter users rose by 55,000 and 10,500, respectively, over 2018.

The survey also shows that the age structure of Facebook users reflects the society's average age structure.

Other social media are much more dominated by younger users, with the trend the most pronounced on Tinder, an app for meeting new people, where almost 90% of users are below 40.

The users said they spent at least one hour a day on social media, with Valicon adding the arithmetic mean was at slightly more than 80 minutes.

Chat platforms have even more users in Slovenia than the social media, at 1.39 million, with Viber leading the way with 531,500 last year, up by 55.500 from 2018.

Whatsapp was also on the rise, growing by 34,000 to 243,500 users year-on-year.

With 334,000 users, Skype was the second most popular chat app, although it lost 26,000 users over 2018. Snapchat remained largely flat with 250,000 users.

Generation-wise, baby-boomers (born after WWII until the mid 1960s) mostly used Facebook and Skype.

Generation X, born until the early 1980s, prevailed on Linkedin and Viber.

Typical of generation Y, born in until the mid-1990s, was Tinder and Telegram, while generation Z was most keen on Tumblr and Snapchat, according to Valicon.

The Media+ survey focuses on the use of various forms and platforms of communication, shopping channels, and on consumption of various goods and services.

In 2019, it was carried out on a sample of 11,275 respondents, much more than the roughly 4,400 a year earlier.

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