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Study Shows Huge Biogas Potential in Slovenia

Ljubljana, 23 October (STA) - Slovenia has the potential to produce biogas sufficient for the generation of over 1,200 GWh of electricity and an equal amount of heat energy, shows a study conducted by the Agriculture and Forestry Institute Celje.

Over 60% of the biogas potential is located in the heavily agricultural regions of Pomurje and Podravje in eastern Slovenia.

The bulk of biogas would be produced from manure, but there is also significant potential for biomass-derived biogas.

The study produced three scenarios depending on how much land would be set aside for energy plants.

In the first scenario, with 5.9% of arable land plus marginal land used for energy plants, Slovenia could produce 689 GWh of electricity per year and an equal amount of heat energy.

In the best case scenario, with 14% of arable land used for biogas production, the figure would rise to 1,179 GWh.

The authors note that installing biogas installations on areas that are overgrowing, farmland would be revitalised.

Moreover, farmers could supplement their income and improve their position in talks on producer prices.

Slovenia currently has biogas installations with a combined power of 15.8 MW.

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