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Slovenia's jobless total falls below projections

Ljubljana, 04 December (STA) - The number of people registered as unemployed in Slovenia remained virtually unchanged in November, at just below 72,400, but the figure is 4.9% lower year on year and considerably below projections.

The Employment Service had 72,395 people on its employment roll last month, 21 fewer than in October and 4.9% fewer than in November 2018.

IMAD, the government's economic forecaster, projected 74,100 unemployed for this year in its autumn forecast. Last year 78,500 were registered as unemployed in the country.

After a seasonal spike in October at the start of a new academic year, only 6,034 newly unemployed entered the unemployment register in November, 36% fewer than the month before and 1.8% fewer than the same month a year ago.

More than half of the freshly unemployed saw their fixed-term contracts expire (3,124). A further 930 were made redundant and 781 were looking for their first job.

Out of the 6,055 removed from the unemployment register, 3,929 found a job or became self-employed. This latter figure is 14.6% lower than October's and 10.1% lower year on year.

Employers reported 10,664 vacancies in November, 9.7% fewer than in October and 8.8% fewer than a year ago. The biggest demand was for lorry drivers (557), manual manufacturing labour (457), and cleaners, attendants and kitchen help (451).

The latest available data from the Statistics Office put the registered unemployment rate at 7.2% in September, 0.6 percentage points down from September 2018.

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