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Slovenian Innovators Awarded in Seoul

Seoul, 11 December (STA) - Eight out of ten Slovenian innovations presented at the Seoul International Invention Fair (SIIF) were awarded by a special jury. Gold medals went to Jože Stopar of Senovo for an automated hand-held fire extinguisher and to Aleš Zamuda of the Maribor University for a tool for interactive 3D reconstruction of trees.

At the fair, which took place between 29 November and 2 December and featured 591 inventions from 32 mostly Asian countries, four further Slovenian innovations won silver medals and two got bronze, according to the ASI Innovation Centre.

Silver medals went to Marjan Bergant from Ljubljana for an expedient for manual cleaning of weeds between paving tiles, Anita Kovač Kralj of the Maribor University for an antibacterial coating with added hexamine, Davorin Kralj from Maribor for a mobile folding shopping cart, and Alojz Tomazin of Koper for a two-part roadside post.

Gašper Matjaž Preložnik of Nova Cerkev won a bronze medal for a device for making bundles and Davorin Kralj for an insulation coat made from recycled light concrete and polyurethane.

Among the Slovenian inventions at the fair, the visitors were reportedly particularly interested in Bergant's tile-cleaning tool, Stopar's fire extinguisher and Kralj's shopping cart.

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