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Slovenia Gearing Up For EUR 1.5bn Bond Issue

Ljubljana, 06 January (STA) - Slovenia will carry out a EUR 1.5bn bond issue in the near future, the Finance Ministry said on Thursday. The ministry selected five banks to market the issue of the bond with a maturity of at least ten years on Wednesday.

The banks Barclays Capital, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs International, HSBC and Slovenia's NLB were selected to manage the issue, which will conducted depending on market conditions, the ministry said in a statement.

The issue will be carried out in line with the government's programme of financing the national budget, which envisaged a single bond issue of at least EUR 1bn this year.

Slovenia conducted two bond issues, with a maturity of ten and five years, worth a total of EUR 2.5bn in 2010. The interest rate for the ten-year bond issued on 26 January 2010 was 4.125%.

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