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Slovenia 45th among 190 countries in tax technology

Ljubljana, 18 December (STA) - Paying Taxes, a survey by the company PwC and the World Bank Group looking into technological advances that are making paying taxes easier, puts Slovenia 45th among the 190 countries included in the survey.

"If paying taxes is easy, it will bring good results and the state will collect more tax," Mojca Bartol Lesar, the head of the department for tax and legal services at PWC Slovenia, commented in a press release on Wednesday.

Companies too are including the new tax technology into their operations, so they can respond to tax administration's demands for more data more quickly and efficiently, she wrote.

Slovenia ranks immediately after Austria and is better placed than comparable neighbouring countries. But PWC sees a lot more room for improvement, especially in terms of the number of hours that taxpayers spend dealing with taxes.

The global survey has found that the technological improvements introduced by tax authorities bring notable benefits for taxpayers. In all the countries included in the survey, the number of payments a taxpayer has to make to comply with tax rules has dropped by 16% since 2012 and the number of hours spend on this by 10%.

Countries from central and eastern Europe ranked better than is the global average, and have been recording fastest progress since 2004.

In Slovenia, a mid-sized company spends an average 233 hours to pay ten different taxes and to make sure that its operations are compliant with tax rules. This is 16.6 hours more than on average in central and eastern Europe.

But Slovenia's index of compliance of tax returns is almost eight percentage points above the average.

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