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Second Biggest Construction Firm Optimistic About Future

Murska Sobota, 10 June (STA) - The economic crisis brought to their knees all of Slovenia's big construction companies since 2008. As SCT, Vegrad and Primorje sunk, the few opportunities were seized by smaller constructors, among them SGP Pomgrad. The Murska Sobota-based company told the press on Tuesday that it had become the second biggest constructor in Slovenia after CGP.

The company, which employs 680 people, posted EUR 1.87m in net profit in 2013.

It generated EUR 128m in consolidated revenue last year, 26% more than in 2012. What is more, Pomgrad expects to increase revenue by around 10% to EUR 140m in 2014.

Pomgrad has been increasing revenue since 2010 to become the second biggest construction company in the country.

"Considering the fact that construction dropped again by 3% in 2013 on annual level, we are very pleased with the results," CEO Stane Polanič told the press.

The SGP Pomgrad group worked on 139 projects last year with an average value of EUR 565,000.

They have just finished the construction of the new chemistry and IT faculties in Ljubljana, the biggest building commissioned in Slovenia in the past years which cost over EUR 53m, according to Pomgrad.

Pomgrad also built a EUR 7m yacht-building facility in near the city of Murska Sobota. The biggest ongoing construction for the company is a multi-level rail crossing worth EUR 47m.

Polanič says the group has enough work secured until mid-2015.

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