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Sava Refocusing on Medical Tourism

Ljubljana, 15 January (STA) - Sava, a conglomerate with roots in the rubber industry that has offloaded all but two core segments in recent years, plans to streamline further with a focus on medical tourism. This includes the acquisition of an outpatient clinic in Ljubljana, which is in the final phase, company officials said Wednesday.

"We want health to become a key generator of Sava's tourism business," CEO Matej Narat said about the purchase of the private Cardial clinic, which specialises in in specialist examinations.

The clinic will serve as a referral point to Sava's spas, of which it owns five. Some of the spas will be transformed into "medico-wellness centres" offering preventive as well as diagnostic and rehab services.

Sava used to generate the bulk of its revenue from rubber, but it sold its rubber division two years ago to pay down debt.

Tourism is now its principal activity, but even that will be streamlined with the recent sale of its flagship golf course in the high-end Alpine resort Bled.

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