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Revoz: Clio Production Stays in Slovenia at Least Until 2013

Novo mesto, 14 January (STA) - Commenting on the reports that Renault is to discontinue the production of the second generation of its Clio supermini model in its Slovenian subsidiary, Revoz explained on Thursday that this was only an option, which is not envisaged to be realised before 2013.

Revoz responded after French press agency AFP quoted on Wednesday Renault chief operating officer Patrick Pelata as saying that "we have envisaged stopping the production of Clio in Spain and Slovenia".

According to Revoz spokeswoman Nevenka Basek Zildzovic, Clio II has been produced in the Slovenian subsidiary since 1998, and represented only 14% of the total output last year.

The Novo mesto-based car factory, which last year had a record output of 212,680 cars, is also making the new generation of the Twingo city car.

The production of Clio II remains in Novo mesto, and its discontinuation will primarily depend on the situation on the market and demand, Revoz said.

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