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Retail revenue starts growing again in May

Ljubljana, 24 June (STA) - Slovenia's retail sector is growing stronger again after taking a blow during the coronavirus lockdown, data from the Statistics Office show on Wednesday. In a drop that lasted three consecutive months, retail revenue reached the lowest level since 2006 in April, but then gained 12.8% in May. It was however still 10.6% lower than in May 2019.

The Statistics Office attributed the growth of revenue to the fact that a number of stores selling non-essential goods were allowed to reopen in full in May after being shut down since mid-March.

In March, retail revenue, expressed in real terms, dropped by 12.4% over the month before and then again by 8.6% in April.

In May, revenue was back up, with sales in non-motor fuel shops growing 16.8%, while motor fuel retail gained 6.1%.

However, revenue in foodstuffs retail was down for the second consecutive month in May, dropping 0.5% over April. Non-food retail, on the other hand, was up 32.7%, after dropping by 7.8% in April.

In annual comparison, retail revenue data was dragged down above all by a 29.3% drop in motor fuel sales. The revenue generated in non-fuel retail was also lower year-on-year in May, but the drop was only 0.7%.

Foodstuffs revenue meanwhile dropped by 2.1% compared to May 2019, while retail from non-foodstuffs was up 0.7%.

Data for the first five months meanwhile show that retail revenue was 10.9% lower than the year before in the same period, dragged down mostly by motor fuel revenue drop of 21.5%.

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