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R&D budget funds kept increasing in 2021

Ljubljana, 21 September (STA) - The volume of budget funds dedicated to research and development (R&D) in Slovenia continued to increase in 2021 for the sixth consecutive year. The figure rose by 9% year-on-year to EUR 265.4 million, the Statistics Office said on Wednesday.

R&D funding per capita also increased to a record EUR 125.9, which compares to less than EUR 100 per capita in 2018.

However, the share of budget funds devoted to research and development in gross domestic product (GDP) did not grow, standing at 0.51% last year.

In terms of socio-economic objectives, more funding than in the previous year was allocated to the general advancement of knowledge, health and the environment. General advancement of knowledge, which saw a 53.2% increase, has always been the recipient of the largest share of the total R&D spending (48% in 2021).

Meanwhile, funding for transport, telecommunications and other infrastructure, culture, recreation, religion and mass media declined.

The main budget-funded R&D providers remain the government and higher education sectors. The former received 52.5% of all funds available, and the latter 38.9%. The rest was allocated to the business sector, the private non-profit sector and abroad.

Budget R&D spending is expected to increase this year as well. The current budget document earmarks EUR 314.2 million for this, up by some 50 million on last year.

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