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PM Urges Business to Do Its Part, Execs Want More Govt Action

Brdo pri Kranju, 24 November (STA) - Prime Minister Borut Pahor urged executives on Wednesday in Brdo pri Kranju to do their part in helping Slovenia overcome the crisis, but businesses insist that the government should also do more.

Government measures cannot replace corporate efforts to improve products. "The government can incentivize, but it cannot replace business incentive," Pahor told managers gathered at the annual summit of Slovenian business.

He said the government had created conditions for faster recovery, but now management must play its part as well.

"At the onset of the crisis the government was too often and too fast fingered as the only culprit and the only saviour, while the responsibility of those in charge of companies was neglected."

"Under the assumption that the government is responsible for everything on the labour market, the business sector...often looked towards Gregorciceva 25," Pahor said in reference to the address of the government palace.

But Pahor heard business complain that reforms are too slow and implementation poor.

The economic environment is unattractive for foreign direct investment, Slovenian capital is relocating abroad and the scope of private and public investment has been severely scaled down, said Stojan Binder, the president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS), which hosts the summit.

Binder highlighted the need to make the banking system more efficient, improve liquidity and improve debt recovery procedures.

"We will work hard towards our demand to disburden labour, in particular of labour costs. The state keeps saying that there will be no additional burdens, but the reality is completely different," he said.

He said it was also necessary to speed up company internationalisation, promote a balanced regional development and make the transition to an innovation society.

The 5th Slovenian business summit brought together some 400 businesspeople and senior members of the government for a debate on the current economic situation.

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