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Pahor calls for structural reforms at Manager Congress

Portorož, 24 September (STA) - The two-day Manager Congress got under way in the coastal town of Portorož on Thursday, with President Borut Pahor, the event's honorary guest, highlighting that managers' accomplishments helped Slovenia in tackling Covid-19. He also called for necessary structural reforms.

In his address, Pahor said that confidence in the Slovenian economy had improved due to economic restructuring compared to the situation during the financial crisis more than ten years ago.

However, politicians have not followed suit by implementing key reforms and are thus seeing extremely low levels of trust, he said.

Regarding an action plan to increase productivity which was presented earlier today, Pahor said that the document was a basis for opening wider social dialogue and reaching an agreement on Slovenia's targets.

Addressing the opening as well, Economy Minister Zdravko Počivalšek highlighted the role of the action plan, which he deems "the Bible of the economic and social revival of Slovenia" and the first serious attempt to increase productivity, and warned that such efforts would necessitate a wider social agreement.

The minister believes that Slovenia achieved great development shifts in the past three decades, but has also sidestepped certain tasks and is thus lagging behind.

The economic recovery depends on the epidemiologic developments, he said, adding that lockdown measures as seen in the first wave of infections would be replaced by localised restrictions in the second wave if need be.

Crisis Management Commissioner Janez Lenarčič meanwhile said via videoconference that the corona crisis was a turning point and that the European economic recovery should be fair and inclusive and should switch from stimulus measures to improving the foundations of member states' economies.

The action plan for increased productivity was drawn up by the Managers' Association in cooperation with the School of Economics and Business and the Economy Ministry.

Medeja Lončar, the head of the organisation, said at today's press conference that increased productivity meant increased welfare for all.

The strategy envisages specific measures for 18 areas, including striving for a stable and operative political system.

The plan proposes raising the parliamentary threshold, abolishing the National Council and stricter terms for holding emergency sessions, filing ouster motions, initiating impeachment and discussing laws which are not in line with the constitution or the state's financial capacities.

The Managers' Association also presented the Manager of the Year award at the press conference. Enzo Smrekar, Atlantic Droga Kolinska director, has been given the 2020 accolade.

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