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No Need for Slovenia to Seek Intl Aid, OECD Says

Ljubljana, 09 April (STA) - The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) believes Slovenia does not currently need assistance from eurozone mechanisms. However, OECD deputy secretary general Yves Leterme told the press on Tuesday it needed to pursue further reforms.

Despite higher borrowing costs, Slovenia has managed to roll over debt on international financial markets and has been honouring its liabilities without problems. "There is no need to doubt that in the near future," Leterme said.

Leterme, who was in Ljubljana presenting the OECD's latest country report on Slovenia, also made it clear that comparisons between Slovenia and other vulnerable eurozone countries were inappropriate.

Slovenia is a country with a lot of potential to "win the battle for a better future". Many good measures have already been adopted, though certain measures need to be deepened, strengthened and implemented, he said.

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