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Manpower Survey Shows Positive Employment Outlook for Q1

Ljubljana, 14 December (STA) - The Manpower Employment Outlook Survey (MEOS) for the first quarter of 2011, presented in Ljubljana on Tuesday, shows a positive employment trend in Slovenia. The share of companies anticipating an increase in hiring is higher than those planning decrease. Almost three quarters meanwhile expect no change, which shows stability.

Out of 756 respondent companies, 8% expect an increase in hiring and 6% anticipate a decrease, amounting to a net employment outlook of +2%, regional Manpower director for Hungary and Slovenia Judit Kiss said at the presentation of the temping agency's survey.

However, a 12% share of those who did not know how total employment at their location would change in the next quarter indicates a relatively high level of unpredictability on the labour market, Kiss noted, adding that the figure is 2.5% higher than the European average.

Nevertheless, she said that based on experience from countries where the surveys have been conducted for decades the forecast trends often come true with a delay.

In Slovenia, the net outlook is positive in five out of ten industry sectors and negative only in three with most optimism in finance, insurance, real-estate and business services (+12%) and the most pessimistic employment outlook in public and social services and in transport, storage and communication (both -3%).

According to Kiss, it is illogical that the survey shows a different trend in the transport sector than in manufacturing, where the net outlook is +4%; however, she also stressed that a 20% share of those not sure about their anticipations indicated a high level of unpredictability and could raise concern.

Further sectors with a positive outlook are wholesale and manufacturing, mining and quarrying, and restaurants and hotels, while a negative outlook was also recorded in agriculture, which is however marked by very high stability with no changes anticipated by 91% of the companies.

Out of four regions, only southwestern Slovenia has a negative outlook, but highest stability (78% for no change) is expected there, while the highest increase in employment is expected in central Slovenia (net outlook of +7%).

Manpower's quarterly survey was carried out in Slovenia for the first time in the second half of October and now encompasses nearly 64,000 public and private employers across 39 countries.

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