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LJSE Boss Proposes Foreign Investors be Included in Energy Projects

Ljubljana, 03 December (STA) - The boss of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange (LJSE) has suggested that a foreign investor should be invited to take part in the project of building a new coal-fired generator at the TES power plant.

Andrej Sketa told Friday's edition of business daily Finance that by inviting a portfolio investor to participate in this project the state could lift the burden on itself and the energy sector.

According to Sketa, this does not mean that TES and similar projects should be financed fully by private investors. Instead, he thinks that up to a quarter of TES 6 or similar energy projects could be sold to private investors.

Including foreign investors would be a strong guarantee of the feasibility of such projects, as they would only want to enter where prospects for a profit exist.

Moreover, Sketa said that Slovenian companies should strive to attract foreign investors in a bid to restructure their financial sources.

This would help improve corporate governance and profitability of Slovenian companies, he said.

Touching on the introduction of the XETRA trading platform at the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, Sketa said that the primary aim of this is to increase liquidity by making it easier for foreign investors to trade in Slovenian shares.

For the Ljubljana Stock Exchange this is also the first step towards a regional market, where the Slovenian primary market will become part of a broader market of the whole region.

Sketa expects that this will be implemented within five years, with the LJSE's role changing to be a liaison between the market on the one hand and Slovenian investors and companies on the other.

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