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Jobless total on continued weekly decline throughout June

Ljubljana, 29 June (STA) - Last week, the number of registered unemployed persons was down for the fourth week in a row, staying below 90,000, preliminary data from the Employment Service show. The figure is, however, still below that in March, when the coronavirus epidemic was declared and the government imposed lockdown measures.

According to a posting on the service's website, the number of registered unemployed was down by 319 to 89,260 last week.

This is much higher than in March, when the epidemic was declared, but below the figure for May (90,415). The growth in unemployment was meanwhile the highest in the first half of April.

While 1,210 registered at the Employment Service anew last week, or 270 to 390 a day, the official number was 1,725 a week earlier. At the beginning of April, the daily figure was above 1,000.

In June altogether, a total of 6,890 newly unemployed persons were registered, which is fewer than in May (7,928), April (14,419) and March (7,848), but more than in February (5,172).

On the other hand, 8,045 persons were deleted from records between 1 and 26 June, of which 6,629 found a job, show the preliminary and unofficial data released on Monday.

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