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Industrial output up in monthly, down in annual comparison

Ljubljana, 10 July (STA) - After two consecutive record monthly drops, industrial output in Slovenia recorded a 9% monthly increase in April. But in annual comparison, a 16.9% drop was still recorded, the Statistics Office said on Friday.

The monthly growth was driven by the output in manufacturing, where production grew by 10.2%. In electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply, and in mining and quarrying it declined by 0.1% and 1.1%, respectively.

In annual comparison, the decline in production continued. Compared to May 2019, the value of industrial production was almost 17% lower after dropping by 8.9% in March and 24.2% in April.

In the main industrial groupings, the output increased year on year in consumer goods industries (by 1.5%), while decreasing in intermediate goods industries and in capital goods industries, by 22.4% and 23.5%, respectively.

After dropping by almost 15% in March and almost 22% in April, turnover in industry was up by 15.2% in May at the monthly level. In the domestic market, it was up by 17% and in the non-domestic market by 16.2%.

Compared to May 2019, turnover in industry was down by 20.5% after dropping by 12% in March and 32% in April. In the domestic market it was down by 11% and in the non-domestic market by 23%.

Looking at the main industrial groupings, the biggest increase was recorded in turnover of enterprises in capital goods industries (by 36.1%) at the monthly level. At the annual level it declined by 28%.

In May, the value of stocks in industrial production was 0.6% lower than in April 2020 and 3.2% higher than in May 2019. At the monthly level the value of stocks increased in mining and quarrying (by 12.2%) while it decreased in manufacturing (by 0.7%).

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