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Hydration Tracker Developer Wins Startup Award

Maribor, 15 May (STA) - OOG, a company that has developed a smart hydration tracker, has won this year's national Startup competition award, while Enoljse, which has developed a technology for winemakers, won the award for best business plan.

OOG is developing technological patents designed to improve health and quality of life. One such innovation is H2O-Pal, a device that attaches to a water bottle to tell you how much water you have drunk via a Bluetooth connection to your smart phone.

The judging panel recognised the tracker as innovation with high added and user value for people who are mindful of their healthy lifestyles, and especially for patients that need to carefully monitor their daily water intake (such as diabetes or kidney condition patients).

H2O-Pal has attracted considerable interest abroad, where the company has got in touch with partners like Philips and Panasonic, who will use their patents in their products.

Bluetooth Special Interest Group selected H2O-Pal as one of four most innovative prototypes of the year at the Las Vegas consumer electronics show, while the Slovenian business daily Finance short-listed it as for the most innovative business idea of 2013.

Enoljse, which has won the award for best business plan, has developed EnoMeter, a platform that enables winemakers to monitor must fermentation through a smart device application.

The winners were selected by a panel of 17 judges among 10 of the 126 entries selected to present their ideas in person. Out of these, the panel selected five finalists, which apart from OOG and Enoljse also comprise ADORA-MED, Geatronik and Sunesis.

The competition, which was held for the 7th time this year, is organised by the Start:up Slovenija initiative in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and the Enterprise Fund with SPIRIT Slovenija as promotional partner.

The winners were declared at the PODIM entrepreneurship conference in Maribor on Wednesday evening.

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