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Hybrids boost Slovenia's electrified vehicles sales

Ljubljana, 05 January (STA) - A total of 7,340 electric and hybrid cars were registered for the first time in Slovenia last year. This is more than twice as much as in 2020 and almost triple the figure of 2019, and represents over a tenth of all newly registered vehicles, according to data compiled by the Chamber of Commerce (TZS).

The significant jump from 3,292 sold in 2020 to 7,340 in 2021 was mainly powered by the sales of hybrid vehicles, as the sales of fully electric vehicles saw an annual increase of just 3.4%, to 1,689 units.

Normal hybrid vehicles saw a rise of 101% to 3,069 units, while sales of plug-in hybrids increased by 320% to 185 units and sales of mild hybrids (also known as power-assist hybrids) jumped by 2,687% to 2,397 units.

Among fully electric vehicles, the best sellers were the Volkswagen ID.4, Tesla 3 and Renault Zoe, all of which recorded sales of around 200 units. Together they account for around 37% of all units sold in this category.

Among normal hybrids, the most popular vehicle model was the Fiat 500, which accounted for almost a quarter of all sales, followed by Toyota's hybrid models Corolla and Yaris, which saw 466 and 265 units sold in 2021, respectively.

In the category of mild hybrids, the first three spots were claimed by Hyundai Tucson with 487 units sold, Suzuki Vitara with 440 units, and Ford Tourneo Custom with 386 units.

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