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Grid operator ELES launches high-tech analytics centre

Dol pri Ljubljani, 18 November (STA) - National grid operator ELES officially launched in Beričevo on Monday a high tech diagnostics and analytics centre that is meant to enable a systematic approach to energy infrastructure management.

The primary goals of the centre, whose costs so far have amounted to EUR 730,000, include the planing, construction, expansion, modification and maintenance of energy infrastructure, the head of the centre Uroš Kerin told the press.

By making use of the digital potential, the objective is to monitor the efficiency of the network in real time, optimise costs and also find optimal solution in crisis moments.

Kerin explained the energy sector was being affected by a number of new trends, including new energy sources, new technologies and digitalisation.

New players are emerging on the market that are no longer only using the network as a source of energy but as a means for activities while power production is no longer only passive.

"The network is getting older, which is why it will be necessary to think about modernisation and due to new players also about voltage changes," Kerin said.

The new diagnostics and analytics centre, which will bring together experts from various disciplines, will be of help as these decisions are adopted.

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