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Foreign companies create 27% of Slovenia's value added

Ljubljana, 08 September (STA) - Foreign companies accounted for 5.6% of all companies in Slovenia in 2017 but created over 27% of value added, roughly on a par with 2016.

These companies employed almost 26% of all workers, and allocated 39% of their expenses in Slovenia for R&D, the latest Statistics Office data shows.

A foreign company, or a foreign inward affiliate, is according to the statisticians an enterprise which is resident in Slovenia but controlled by an institutional unit outside Slovenia.

There were a total of 8,018 such companies in Slovenia in 2017.

A third of all value added and a third of all investments by these companies was generated by companies controlled from Germany and Austria.

The largest share of R&D spending, a third, was generated by companies controlled from Switzerland.

Together with Germany-affiliated ones, they generated almost 60% of all R&D expenditure by foreign companies in Slovenia.

More than half of the entire value added generated by foreign companies was attributable to companies in industry.

Foreign inward affiliates in Slovenia were controlled from 106 countries, but in more than 90% of the cases from Europe. Approximately half of them had their controlling company in the EU.

The majority, or almost two-thirds of them, were controlled from Italy, Serbia, Russia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Austria, Croatia and Germany.

The Statistics Office says that economically the most important foreign affiliates were controlled from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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