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Excise Duties to Remain at Current Level

Ljubljana, 30 September (STA) - The government amended the excise duty act on Thursday to prevent the rise in the excise duties on electricity and gas effective as of 1 November, Finance Minister Franc Krizanic said after the weekly government session.

The duties are to remain at the level of 1 August, that is at EUR 3.05 per gigawatt hour instead of the planned EUR 12.10 for electricity and at 1.8 cent per cubic metre instead of 3.63 cent for gas.

These amendments are aimed at the upholding economic competitiveness and stimulating exports, the minister said at the press conference. The amendments are especially important at the moment, when the euro is strong in international markets. The measure is also designed to hold back inflation, Krizanic said.

The government announced it would scrap the planned rise after calls from industrial associations, which said that high energy prices would make Slovenian companies uncompetitive on foreign markets.

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