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Early-Stage Entrepreneurship Picking Up in Slovenia, Survey Shows

Maribor, 19 April (STA) - The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) for 2012 presented at the Maribor Economics and Business Faculty on Friday shows a slow recovery of early-stage entrepreneurship but also a continuing failure to reduce the gap to more developed business environments in many areas.

After three years of decline, from 6.4% to 3.65%, early-stage entrepreneurship grew to a promising 5.5% in 2012, which puts Slovenia in 23rd place in Europe and in 59th place globally among the 67 countries included in the survey.

Miroslav Rebernik, head of the Slovenian research group working on what is the largest global survey of entrepreneurship, however warned against premature optimism.

"Many fail to take their business idea to a point where a company is actually launched, either that or new companies die off at the very beginning," he said, noting that a lot will depend on the conditions secured by politics.

Slovenia also has a very low ranking when it comes to the perception of available business opportunities, ranking only 58th globally.

Rebernik on the other hand sees it as good news that the majority of Slovenians decide to enter business not because of urgency but because they wish more independence and income.

Less encouraging is only a 2.6%, the lowest in Europe, share of women deciding for early-stage entrepreneurship. Slovenia also has a very low general share, 24.3%, of women among entrepreneurs. Only four among 67 countries in the global study have a lower share.

Another reason for concern is the ever lower level of education among Slovenian entrepreneurs, with Rebernik stressing that more will have to be done to encourage individual with higher education to become entrepreneurs.

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