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Crnomelj Compressors Maker with New Owner

Crnomelj, 13 January (STA) - Danfoss Compressors, which employs 1,100 people in the southeastern town of Crnomelj, has been operating as part of the German holding Aurelius under the name Secop since November. Aurelius took over Danfoss Household Compressors business in Germany, China, Slovakia and Slovenia.

The Slovenian company contributes about 40% of revenues and a third of the headcount of Danfoss Household Compressors. Last year it produced and sold 4.5 million of compressors, generating an estimated revenue of EUR 154m and a profit of EUR 8m in pre-tax profit, Secop spokesperson Natasa Hudelja said.

The year before, the company incurred a loss of EUR 1.1m on EUR 138m in revenues. A reorganisation was launched after a 20-30% drop in orders at the beginning of 2009, focusing on improving internal efficiency and development of an improved compressor.

The main strategic guidelines in 2010 were tie-ups with other partners in a bid to retain and increase the market share and the competitive edge of the whole group; and optimising the production price of the compressor.

As an independent group in Aurelius, Secop will continue to be a close and long-term partner of the Danfoss group and will continue to sell the bulk of its products - mostly intended for the market of commercial compressors - through the Danfoss group marketing network.

According to Hudelja, Aurelius plans to support Secop in further development and encourage it to manufacture solutions for household, light commercial and mobile markets. The takeover will not affect the staff, while changes in their number will depend on the development strategy and adaption to market needs, Hudelja said.

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