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CORRECTION: $Yield on Slovenian Bonds Continues to Fall$

Ljubljana, 01 February (STA) - Please note that the surcharge for Slovenia's bonds in comparison to German bonds was 0.17 points lower than on Tuesday and not 1.17 points as wrongly stated. Below is the corrected version of the copy.

Yield on Slovenian Bonds Continues to Fall

The yield on Slovenian 10-year bonds continued to fall on Wednesday, dropping to 6.26% by midday, which is 0.17 percentage points less than on Tuesday, according to data by the NLB bank.

The drop, following two months of hovering around the 7% yield ceiling, comes after the prolonged government formation process in Slovenia ended as parliament endorsed Janez Janša of the Democrats (SDS) as PM-elect on Saturday.

Today's drop for Slovenia was accompanied by a falling yield on comparable bonds for some of the vulnerable eurozone states, with Italy's for instance sliding 0.22 points to 5.55% and Spain's from 0.15 points to 4.54%.

The yield on the 10-year German bond, considered the safest in Europe, remained unchanged at 1.83% at noon today, which means that the surcharge for Slovenia was at 4.43 percentage points, down 0.17 points from Tuesday.

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