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Cable Losing out to Internet TV

Ljubljana, 27 December (STA) - Cable TV is being rapidly superseded by the internet-based IPTV technology. In the third quarter of this year IPTV had a market share of 38.3%, up over ten points year-on-year, whereas the share of cable shrank from 72.3% to 61.7%, according to a quarterly report on the electronic communications market.

The state-owned telecoms incumbent, Telekom Slovenije, remains the biggest IPTV player with a market share of 61.3% in the third quarter of 2009, according to the latest quarterly report of the Agency for Post and Electronic Communication (APEK).

However, Telekom+s market share is being eroded by smaller providers, in particular T-2, which added 0.6 percentage points over the previous quarter to 32.5%.

Amis has also been gaining ground, expanding its share by 0.4 points over the previous quarter to 5.3%, whereas Tusmobil remains level at 0.9%.

The market watchdog's report only includes cable and IPTV. Terrestrial reception and satellite, which are still widely used, are not dealt with.

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