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Businesses urge government to act on rising energy prices

Ljubljana, 08 October (STA) - The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS) has called on the government to take urgent action in the face of the sharp rise in energy prices, proposing a series of measures it says need to be taken immediately.

"We are in the midst of the biggest energy crisis to date, it's about survival. Immediate systemic solutions are needed," said Tibor Šimonka, the president of GZS.

Energy prices have recently seen a sharp rise, both in Slovenia and across the EU. According to GZS, the consequences will be felt by everyone, households and companies alike, but most of all by the energy-intensive industries.

The chamber has drawn up proposals for short and long term measures together with the Energy Industry Chamber (EZS).

Among the short-term measures, they propose the government reimburse the indirect costs of emissions, reduce contributions, and temporarily suspend the profits targets of state-owned companies.

Among the long-term solutions is the proposal to carry out the planned and ongoing projects related to energy efficiency and renewable energy as quickly as possible.

"Decisions should be taken immediately to provide appropriate energy infrastructure, which would support Slovenia's self-sufficiency in energy supply at competitive prices," the chambers said.

During Slovenia's EU presidency, the government should insist on the adoption of emergency measures at EU level as soon as possible, the appeal to the government reads.

Representatives of the industry have been warning for some time about the high rise in energy prices, as the price of electricity has doubled this year, while the price of natural gas has almost tripled.

The price hikes have been causing problems in energy-intensive industries in particular. The government has not proposed any measures to mitigate the price shock yet.

The Economy Ministry told the newspaper Delo that Slovenia will follow the positions of the European Commission, while Finance Minister Andrej Šircelj told the business daily Finance that VAT and excise duties would not be reduced.

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