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Business sentiment down in August on monthly, annual levels

Ljubljana, 26 August (STA) - The business sentiment indicator for Slovenia deteriorated in August both at the monthly and annual levels, while still being above the long-term average. The indicator has actually been dropping since 2017, when it reached the second-highest level ever, the Statistics Office said on Monday.

Compared to July, the business sentiment indicator was down by 0.8 percentage points in August, mostly owing to lower sentiment in the services sector (down 0.6 percentage points), among consumers (-0.3 points) and in manufacturing (-0.1 points).

The indicator would have deteriorated even more had it not been for an increase in the sub-indicator measuring confidence in retail (up 0.3 percentage points), while the sub-indicator for the construction sector had no impact.

At the annual level, the business sentiment indicator in August was down 4.6 percentage points, with the lower sentiment in manufacturing (down 2.5 percentage points) having the biggest impact.

Sentiment in the services sector was down by 1.6 points, in the construction sector by 0.7 points, and among consumers by 0.5 points, while it was up by 0.6 points in retail.

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