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BSH seeing scores of orders, looking at a good year

Nazarje, 16 November (STA) - The BSH Hišni Aparati plant in Nazarje, north-east of Ljubljana, considered the biggest producer of small household appliances in Europe, has been recording scores of orders. The company expects a record-breaking business year, with expectations exceeded by more than 10%, BSH has told the STA.

Similar business growth is expected to be continued in 2021, the company added.

The manufacturer is to produce more than 8 million small household appliances this year, up by 1.1 million on 2019.

Due to suspending production over the first epidemic wave for two weeks, the company recorded worse results in the first half of 2020 compared to the same period in 2019.

"We were the first plant in Slovenia to take such a measure after the epidemic was declared in spring," BSH said, noting that the decision was a wise move which helped the company prepare for safe production amid Covid-19.

The company was also among the first large manufacturers in Slovenia to relaunch production.

BSH Hišni Aparati planned to open a new development centre this week, however due to the epidemiological situation the event has been postponed to next year.

The price tag of the investment is estimated at EUR 4 million, some 20% of the producer's total annual investments. The value of the company's investments totalled EUR 19 million last year.

BSH, which is a part of the international concern BSH Home Appliances Group, generated EUR 339.3 million in income in 2019, up 9% year-on-year. Last year's profit meanwhile climbed by 14% to more than EUR 13 million.

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