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Posavska region

Posavje, region of Lower Sava

Facts and figures (2015)

 Area 968 km2  
  Population 75,700  
  Density of population per km2 78.2  
  Number of companies 3,705  
  Economically active population 29,700  
  Registered unemployment rate*       13.6%  
  Average monthly gross wage                                                                                                            € 1,445  

 *Registered unemployed persons are registered with the Employment Service of Slovenia and are actively seeking for employment.

Source: Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia & AJPES, 2016


In terms of the number of inhabitants it is one of the smallest Slovenian regions.

Socio-economic characteristics of population in the Posavska region, 2015

Population aged 15 years or more by activity status and education


Source: Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, 2016


The regional centre is Krško (25,800). The students living in the region enrol either in the University of Ljubljana or the University of Zagreb (Croatia).

Other principle tows include: Brežice (24,200) and Sevnica (17,500).

Location and transport

The Posavska Region borders on Croatia. Thanks to the immediate vicinity of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, with the population of 1.5 million on the one hand, and relatively good transport links (road and railway leading to Ljubljana - Zagreb), the region has a lot of potential.


The region boats a long tradition in:

  • metal-processing industries
  • wood-processing industries
  • paper industry
  • textile industry
  • civil engineering & construction
  • trade


The only nuclear power plant in the country and the thermal riviera at the Čatež health resort are its main features.  

The region has become home to a number of foreign investors who were able to tap into the pool of skilled workforce and easily get industrial land for development or re-development.


The most important companies operating in the region include:

  • Evrosad (fruit growing industry)
  • Gen-I (supply of electricity and natural gas)
  • Kopitarna Sevnica (manufacture of footwear)
  • Kostak (water collection, treatment and supply)
  • Kovis (metal products for the railway vehicles)
  • Lisca (manufacture of underwear)
  • Metalna Senovo (machine constructing and steel constructions making)
  • NEK (nuclear power plant)
  • Preis Sevnica (welding and machining of steel construction)
  • Resistec UPR (manufacture of electronic components)
  • Stilles (furniture and tailored furnishings)
  • Terme Čatež (baths and hotels)
  • Vipap Videm Krško (manufacture of paper and paperboard)
  • Willy Stadler (metal construction, welding, concrete moulds, waste sorting machines ...)


Regional development agency for Posavje

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