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Koroška region

Carinthia region

Facts and figures (2015)

  Area1,041 km2  
  Density of population per km268.4  
  Number of companies3,550  
  Economically active population27,050  
  Registered unemployment rate*      11.5%  
  Average monthly gross wage                                                                                                           € 1,450  

 *Registered unemployed persons are registered with the Employment Service of Slovenia and are actively seeking for employment.

Source: Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia & AJPES, 2016

Location and transport

The Koroška Region lies in the northern part of Slovenia and borders on Austria.


Koroška is among the smallest regions in terms of number of inhabitants.


Socio-economic characteristics of population in the Koroška region, 2015

Population aged 15 years or more by activity status and education.



Source: Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, 2016


The biggest municipality is Slovenj Gradec which has the most inhabitants (17,000) and is also economically the strongest, employing one third of workforce in the region. There is a Polymer Technolgy Collegue, University Collegue of Health Sciences and a college for mechanical engineering. The students from the region mostly study at the University of Ljubljana or the University of Maribor, some enrol in schools in the neighbouring Austria.


Other principal towns in region include Ravne na Koroškem (11,400) and Dravograd (8,900).


The share of the Koroška Region in the Slovenian economy is only 3%. Nevertheless, Koroška is among the most-open regions. Koroška’s economy is traditionally export-oriented. Koroška is traditionally a mining and iron & steel makingregion, and its restructuring has triggered a rise of unemployment. Manufacturing industries generate 44.5% of the region’s income, followed by trade and financial and business services. The region’s most important industries are:

  • metal-processing
  • textile
  • wood-processing


The service sector is still poorly developed but there is lot of potential.


The most important companies operating in the region include:

  • Akers valji Ravne (manufacture of specialty tools)
  • Cablex-M (cable harnesses, plastic and silicone products, mechanical assemblies and tools)
  • GEP Štalekar (printed cardboard packaging)
  • Grammer Automotive Slovenija (manufacture of plastic products for automotive ind.)
  • Johnson Controls Slovenj Gradec (manufacture of plastic products for automotive and wood-processing ind.)
  • Metal Ravne (manufacture of basic iron, steel and ferro-alloys)
  • Monter Dravograd (special purpose machines, devices and machinery installations)
  • Nieros Metal (stainless steel products and technological equipment for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries)
  • Noži Ravne (industrial knives for wood, metal, pulp, paper and the paper processing and recycling industries)
  • Petrol energetika (supplier of oil and other energy products)
  • Ravne Systems (manufacture of machinery for metallurgy)
  • Relax turizem (tourist agency)
  • Stroj (manufacture of complex components for mining and construction machines)
  • TAB (manufacture of batteries and accumulators)


Regional Development Agency for Koroška

Meža 10, SI-2370 Dravograd

Phone: +386 59 085 190

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