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Jugovzhodna Slovenija region

Southeast Slovenia region

Facts and figures (2015)


  Area 2,675 km2  
  Population 142,400  
  Density of population per km2 53.2  
  Number of companies 6,700  
  Economically active population 57,600  
  Registered unemployment rate*       13.0%  
  Average monthly gross wage                                                                                                            € 1,560  

 *Registered unemployed persons are registered with the Employment Service of Slovenia and are actively seeking for employment.

Source: Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia & AJPES, 2016

Location and transport

The Southeast Slovenia region borders on Croatia, and with the rest of Slovenia it is connected by the railway and also almost uninterrupted by the motorway.


Socio-economic characteristics of population in the Jugovzhodna Slovenia region, 2015

Population aged 15 years or more by activity status and education


Source: Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, 2016


The regional centre is Novo mesto (36,500) where several colleges provide courses in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, utilities, and business secretaries. Most students from the region study at the University of Ljubljana.


Other principal towns include: Trebnje (18,200), Kočevje (16,000) and Črnomelj (14,500).


There are several large enterprises such as the pharmaceutical company Krka, Adria Mobil, Trimo Trebnje (prefabricated buildings) and Revoz parented by the French Renault. Almost 50% of the region’s GDP is generated by the manufacturing industry. Strong export orientation is typical of the south-eastern part of Slovenia – the local companies earn 65% of total sales revenue in foreign markets, the region accounts for 10.5% of the country’s exports. The principal economic branches also include:

  • trade
  • car-related services
  • production of consumer goods
  • civil engineering and construction

The concentration of economic activities is the highest in Novo mesto where nearly 70% of the region’s revenue is generated. The expenditure on R&D amounting to 13.3% of the regional GDP in 2014 underlined the importance of R&D in the region. The main sources of financing were business enterprises.


The most important companies operating in the region include:

  • Adria Mobil (manufacture of bodies for motor vehicles, trailers & semi-trailers)
  • CGP (construction of roads and motorways)
  • Eurotek (freight transport by road)
  • Inles (manufacture of other builders' carpentry and joinery)
  • Inotherm (aluminium entrance doors)
  • Johnson Controls Novo mesto (manufacture of parts and accessories for motor vehicles and their engines)
  • Kolpa (manufacture of builders’ ware of plastic)
  • Krka (manufacture of pharmaceutical preparations)
  • Melamin (products for rubber and lacquer industry)
  • Podgorje (manufacture of furniture)
  • Revoz (manufacture of motor vehicles)
  • Terme Krka (hotels and similar accommodation)
  • TPV (manufacture of other parts and accessories for motor vehicles)
  • Trimo (manufacture of metal structures and parts of structures)
  • Zavarovalnica Tilia (insurance services)


Development Centre Novo mesto 

Razvojni center Novo mesto 

Ljubljanska cesta 26, SI-8000 Novo mesto

Phone: +386 7 33 72 980


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