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Goriška region

Region of Gorizia

Facts and figures (2015)


  Area 2,325 km2  
  Population 118,200  
  Density of population per km2 50.8  
  Number of companies 7,700  
  Economically active population 45,600  
  Registered unemployment rate*       10.3%  
  Average monthly gross wage                                                                                                            € 1,490  

 *Registered unemployed persons are registered with the Employment Service of Slovenia and are actively seeking for employment.

Source: Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia & AJPES, 2016

Location and transport

The Goriška Region borders on the west Italian border (Friuli). There is a motorway that links Goriška with the Northern Italy and motorway link with the central Slovenia, as well as the railway connection. It lies on the Pan-European Transport Corridor No. 5.

The Julian Alps, the Soča River and the fertile Vipava valley are the most prominent natural features of the region.



Socio-economic characteristics of population in the Goriška region, 2015

Population aged 15 years or more by activity status and education


Source: Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, 2016


The regional administrative, educational, economic and cultural centre is Nova Gorica (32,000 inhabitants). Workforce is well-educated and well-trained. Nova Gorica is home to the University of Nova Gorica where students are educated in the field of environment protection, business and engineering vocations, and applied natural science. A number of students from the region enrol in the University of Ljubljana but also the nearby colleges and university centres on the Italian side of the border.


Other principal towns in the region include Ajdovščina (19,000), Idrija (12,000) and Tolmin (11,300).


The region’s economic development has not been even and the mountains in the northern part have a lot to do with it. The spurs of the Alps and deep valleys favour tourism, wine- and cheese-making but Nova Gorica and the surrounding municipalities are far better developed when measured by economic and cultural yardsticks. Industry provides most jobs and remains the key to the region’s development with the following branches as the most successful:

  • electrical devices & instruments
  • foodstuffs & beverages
  • furniture i.e. wood-processing


Thanks to its geostrategic position and particularly the proximity to the industrial towns of northern Italy, Goriška has excellent attributes to develop further the service sector that already is generating substantial revenue for the regional treasury.


The most important companies operating in the region include:

  • Afit (manufacture of footwear)
  • Avrigo (transport services and travel agency)
  • CPG (construction and maintenance of roads and motorways)
  • Elektro Primorska (distribution of electricity)
  • ETA Cerkno (manufacture of domestic appliances)
  • Fructal (manufacture of fruit and vegetable juice)
  • Hidria AET (systems for cold start of diesel engines, electronics for ignition systems, flywheel magnetos and technical ceramics)
  • Hidria rotomatika (manufacture of electric motors, generators and transformers)
  • Hit (activities of casinos)
  • ITW metalflex (manufacture of electric domestic appliances)
  • Kolektor group (automotive components & systems)
  • Kolektor sikom (manufacture of electric motors, generators and transformers)
  • Mahle Letrika (manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment for motor vehicles)
  • Mahle Letrika Bovec (motor vehicle electrical and electronic equipment)
  • Mlinotest (manufacture of grain mill product)
  • Salonit Anhovo (manufacturer of building materials)

Contact point

Regional Development Agency of Northern Primorska

Trg Edvarda Kardelja 3, SI-5000 Nova Gorica

Phone: +386 5 330 66 87


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